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B Connector - Tool-Free Cable Wire Connector by Cannits

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Key Features:

Splice through wires without the use of any tool with these B-Connectors. It is intended for splicing conductors of communication-type circuits. Specifically designed to accept up to four strands of solid and stranded unstripped copper wire. 

The connectors are usually utilized for alarms, telephone wirings, intercoms, networking wires, small sound projects, and other communication circuit equipment.

It features a creative funnel-entry design and insulation piercing internal tines with durable protective PVC outer covering. Bass crimp is easy to squeeze and it can save so much time on your hands.

White B-Connectors are dry and suitable for indoor use. Blue B-Connectors with filled gel is perfect for outdoor use.

What's in the box:
500pcs Dry Filled with White Sleeve(Non-gel)
500pcs Blue B-connectors filled with Non-hardening gel
1 Transparent plastic box